Monday, April 2, 2012

Partner weight status and subject weight loss

In the examination of the difference in body changes of subjects with overweight partners and those with normal weight partners, conducted by Purdue University, West Lafayette(1), researchers found that both overweight and normal weight partners lost weight incidental to treatment but as expected, body changes of overweight partners significantly decreased over time whereas body changes of normal weight partners did not. Overweight partners and subjects lost statistical equivalent amounts of weight but there was a significant correlation at posttreatment between body changes of subjects in the overweight partner group and their partners. It was concluded that if body changes of both subjects and their overweight partners are considered, couples programs might be a cost-effective and important public health approach because two individuals lose weight as inexpensively as one and more people are treated.

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(1) "Partner weight status and subject weight loss: implications for cost-effective programs and public health" by Black DR, Threlfall WE.

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